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“Once you’ve had real builders, the kind that are hands-on and hearts-in, the kind that hold quality above all else, true artisans, like the men of Dovetail, there is just no other choice!
W. Gordon, Owner 

“They have the ability to interpret the architects ideas properly, fully engage the process and successfully manage relationships along the way.”
 Craig M., Architect

“I am going to cry. Speechless, really. We love it!”
D. Rudolph, Owner

“Dovetail has built a culture of teamwork within their organization with full transparency on the job; they are straight-shooters who regularly demonstrate integrity.”
Dana S., Owner

“It’s a pleasure to work with Dovetail! Your attention to detail is outstanding.”
Don S., Owner 

“We appreciate all you are doing to make our Family Dream Home a reality! We cannot imagine a better construction team on this journey with us—you’re the best!”
— Kathy H., Owner

“I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend Dovetail Construction as a premier builder.”
T. Eliason, Owner 

“Dovetail has both business and construction capabilities unlike many groups… they excel at both.”
M. McCormick, Owner 

“Dovetail provided us with a flow of creative ideas, objective advice, and the highest quality construction services.”
G. Hanson, Owner 

“They are schedule-conscious and budget-conscious but always prioritize quality.”
Kent S., Owner

“I wanted to rate Dovetail at 6 Stars, but it only goes to 5…”
Lori R., Owner 

“I have been in the construction industry for over 34 years and I would highly recommend Dovetail to any client.”
D. Simpson, Owner 

“The approach is collaborative, the communication is productive and most importantly they are ethical in all that they do.”
K. Alexander, Owner 

“Their approach is very inclusive and easy to work with.”
A. Brechuhler, Architect 

“Tim Rote and Kevin Sullivan are men among men and builders-extraordinaire. They are fully invested in their projects and take the quality of their work very personally, as they would in building a home for themselves. The possibilities that this team presented were so extensive.”
Keith G., Owner 

“Tim and Kevin know how to listen…the exchange with Dovetail was impressive, their initiative is stellar.”
Dok A., Owner 

“Their management style is client-centric with excellent communication among all parties on the design/build team.”
Dana S., Owner

“We feel truly blessed to work with you all who exhibit such character, commitment, team effort and expertise.”
L. Diduch, Owner 

“You have treated the design and construction as if you were building your own home.”
Mark R., Owner

“Everyone on the site had their heart in it.”
J. Glancy, Owner

“Dovetail’s continuous dialog and openness made us feel engrained in the process.”
Todd E., Owner 

“The level of cratmanship and detail that Dovetail was able to produce was very impressive. They carried out our design seamlessly and we look forward to working with them again!”
J. Daugaard, Architect 

“Everyone on our team was a true master of their craft, real artisans, knowledgeable about every single aspect of home building.  Plus, they have real relationships with the subs they work with, so that everyone on board is part of a well-oiled team that cares very much about the project. “
Wendy G., Owner 

“They acted, and continue to act, with an uncompromising sense of responsibility toward us as their client.”
G. Hanson, Owner

“I trust you guys with my life, my marriage, and my house. Go for it!”
Todd E., Owner 

“We could not be more pleased with the final product and working with your firm has been a wonderful experience.”
D. Simpson, Owner 

“They know their stuff and they have integrity!”
Lori R., Owner 

We are so excited to move in that we are thinking about camping in the house for the next two days before our moving trucks arrive. We can’t wait—it’s beautiful!”
Shelly K., Owner

“We are so impressed with the team work, availability, patience, and synergy. Thanks so very much.”
David D.,  Owner

“Thanks for being such fun, quality, and competent contractors to work with!”
B. Brooks, Architect 

“The building process is riddled with opportunities for problems to arise… these guys seek to change the game. “
D. Arvanites, Owner 

“Their experienced staff are excellent problem-solvers highly skilled workers who take personal responsibility.”
Kent S., Owner

“The quality of their workmanship and the pride in which do their craft is remarkable.”
Sue H., Owner  

I have to say you and your crew have done on outstanding job with our house. It is a job of outstanding quality. We do appreciate the fine artisan workmanship. Thank you.”
C. Klann, Owner

“Thank you for the skillful way you conducting our brain storming. You are such a good and inclusive listener. I think everyone felt they were heard and had a place at the table.”
Betsy T., Owner

“The quality of the work was stellar and surpassed anything we’ve had from other commercial contractors.”
K. Gordon, Owner

Hiring this team of professionals is a no-brainer. We are very proud to say we live in a Dovetail home.”
Shelly K., Owner

“Thanks for the fantastic results.”
Andrew M., Owner

“You are certainly a fun company to work with and your integrity is awesome!”
Sarah C., Owner

“Success! We’re in the house and Dana is so happy that she broke down and cried. Well done!” 
Kent S., Owner

Letters of reference available upon request. 

To view the types of projects we have completed to date, please explore Our Portfolio.