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If You Can Dream It...We Can Do It.

"Crafting tailored designs for homeowners is at the heart of our custom remodeling services. We collaborate closely with you to capture your vision and lifestyle, translating them into innovative design concepts that fuse functionality with aesthetics. Our team's meticulous attention to detail ensures that each design reflects your unique personality while optimizing your space for comfort and beauty."

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Transform Your Home

Step into a world of captivating interiors that evoke emotion and reflect your unique style. OneStop's talented designers combine artistic vision with meticulous attention to detail, transforming your spaces into personalized havens.

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Traditional to Modern &
Everything In Between

"Dive into the world of OneStop tailor-made culinary spaces, where personalization meets craftsmanship, resulting in a kitchen that's not just about cooking but about expressing who you are. From the finest wood selections to the perfect finishing touches, a custom-crafted kitchen is an embodiment of luxury, functionality, and personal touch."

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Knoxville Custom Carpentry

Our dedicated team of skilled artisans brings decades of experience to every project, delivering top-quality woodworking solutions that transform your ideas into stunning, enduring realities.
From custom cabinetry to whole home renovations... OneStop Knoxville is your one stop shop for a beautiful home.

Inbuilt Bookshelves

Inbuilt Bookshelves

Custom In-Built BookShelves


11 April 2024


Custom Cabinetry, Custom Furnishings

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